432 Hz

In tune with the frequency of your soul….

About me

Hi. I’m AngelEowyn. Welcome to my website! I play keyboard and compose whatever inspires me at the moment, all on FL Studio 20.

Interested in collaboration?

Interested in collaboration?

I used to sing, but not anymore. So, if you like my sound and are interested in collaborating in any way, especially if you are a vocalist…
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Where to find me...

You can find me pretty much in most music platforms. 

Music Videos

Silver Tears
Crystal Blue
Light Warrior


A collection of my music…


Coming soon… all kinds of loops for sale and for free.  All done in FL Studio 20.


Coming soon… a collection of meditation videos put together from my music and my narration… all in 432Hz

Sound is Creation

Everything we do in life stems from frequency and vibration. Learn more about why 432Hz is the frequency of the past and future, and why I use it now…